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Not all bunnies have the luxury to enjoy a feast, especially during the festive season such as Hari Raya, but you can help make a difference for the bunnies at House Rabbit Society Singapore (HRSS)!

In conjunction with the ongoing Hari Raya celebrations and to further aid animal welfare efforts, Alien Pet is collaborating with Yappy Global Pets and Oxbow to run a donation drive, with an aim to jazz up the daily meals of HRSS’ bunnies.

A little help can go a long way. No amount is too little.

From 18 June – 18 July 2018, you may purchase Garden Select or Organic Bounty at 20% OFF to pamper the bunnies at HRSS!

From all of us at Alien Pet, Yappy Global Pets and Oxbow, we will like to thank you in advance for all of your kind support and donations!

*House Rabbit Society Singapore (HRSS) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organisation dedicated to raising and promoting rabbit welfare and awareness.

*Donated food will be consolidated at the end of the campaign and delivered to HRSS by Yappy Global Pets

*To conserve space, Yappy Global Pets will only deliver on HRSS’ request.



Please note that the items that are for your own pet consumption will be treated as a separate order from the Donated items.