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APD Smaks Treat Senior - expiry Aug 2016

APD Smaks Treat Senior - expiry Aug 2016

$5.00 $8.00

Subject to stock availability.

Expiry on Aug 2016. While stock last.

American Pet Diner Smaks Treats Senior Tropical Cookies are uniquely created for palatability of mature rabbits. We combine all-natural pineapple, wholesome fresh papaya, with hay and flax into a baked cookie snack created especially for your mature or overweight small pet by our own baker.


Pet Smaks Treats are :
a helpful training aide
reduces boredom
improves interaction & engagement
great tool to wear down forever growing teeth

a nutritious treat providing:
o Flax meal/Omega 3 essential fatty acids.
o Inulin which promotes healthy intestinal bacteria.
o Brewer’s yeast improves gut micro flora & fiber digestion.
o Yucca prevents respiratory issues and habitat odor.

Treats won't add extra sugar or uneccessary calories and pets LOVE them!




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