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Bunny Nature - Hamster Dream Expert (No Alien$)

Bunny Nature - Hamster Dream Expert (No Alien$)

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Bunny Nature - Hamster Dream Expert
Complete Food for Hamsters
Size: 500g
  • With VitalPlus granivore
    Special mixture with vitamin trace elements
  • With high-quality power ingredients
    Quinoa & mung beans
  • With crunchy vital vegetables
    Carrot, parsnip & beetroot
  • With delicious mealworms
Plata millet, canary seed, pea flakes, mung beans (6,5%), barley, oats, quinoa seeds (6%), corn, barley flakes, oat flakes, carrots (3,6%), sesame, silver millet, linseed, red millet, grass seed, parsnips (1,6%), mealworms (1%), calcium carbonate, beetroot (1%), yarrow, dandelion leaves, lucerne, sweet pepper, apples, rosehip, malva blossoms, semolina bran (vegetables 6,4%)

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